A worker recalled from vacation receives twice (2x) his regular salary for all hours worked. Once the work has been completed, to which the employee has been recalled, the employee may resume and complete the remaining scheduled days off or, by mutual agreement, reschedule unused leave to a later date. At the request of the Union, the employer makes copies of the current employment cards available to the Union. A copy of the new or revised job descriptions, including proposed securities and rates of pay, is forwarded by the employer to SAHO and the Union at least thirty (30) days before the necessary posting. Titles and rates of pay are negotiated between the Union and SAHO to replace the employer for each new occupational category/classification/post and any reclassification of an existing occupation/classification/position. An employee who has a job is placed on the current salary schedule on the basis of the requirements of the position that does not rely on the securities of the existing company. In the absence of agreement in negotiations on the title and rates of remuneration between the employer and the Union, both parties may refer the matter to arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article 9.08 of this agreement. The participation agreement is the agreement signed by the employer and the participant. negotiations between the parties.

If an agreement is not reached, an adjudation will be put in place to determine whether a new and/or/or unique occupational/classification/position category has been put on the most appropriate pay scale. c) When one of the parties terminates an expanded postal employment contract at the local level, the workers concerned return to regular hours in accordance with Article 15.01 of the collective agreement under an orderly procedure agreed upon by the parties. 26-Feb-2019 – The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Service Employees International Union-West (SEIU-West) and the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union (SGEU) have reached an interim agreement with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organization… READ MORE” (d) If the deviation from the reserved and confirmed schedule is the result of initiated changes or mutual agreement with the employee and supervisor, these changes are not subject to overtime provisions unless the overtime has been paid independently of the change. SAHO is at the forefront of labour and worker relations policy development and is involved in the negotiation and interpretation of collective agreements (CBAs) between health care employers and unionized workers. Research and definition of job classification systems, guaranteeing pay equity across the province, pay premiums and providing advice to health care employers are among SAHO`s many tasks. 8.1.4. The absence of leave, as provided for in the participation in the agreement and the amendments to this agreement.

The parties support the idea of a staff and family assistance program and recognize that if a program is implemented or modified, there will be joint consultation and agreement between the employer and the Union.