Although Maharashtra has now digitized the entire process, by offering the service of creating a licensing agreement in most of Maharashtra`s major cities, such as Mumbai, Mumbai Sub-Urban District, Nagpur, Nagpur, Nanded, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Latur, Raigad and Thane, in many other cities and in the cities mentioned, people still opt for rental contracts. As this process has not yet been digitized, the lease must be printed and stamp duty paid via challan. The formula for calculating stamp duty on the lease is 0.25% x D, of which D (monthly rental x number of months) – (pre-rent for the period/non-refundable down payment) – (10% x refundable deposit x number of years of contract). Your agreement is on your doorstep. No more long queues. The stamp duty rate for holiday and licensing contracts is the same for residential buildings and commercial premises. The leave and licence contract can be executed for up to 60 months. ServeSeva will table the agreement with the department to sign it by the Office of the Sub-Chancellor, and the agreement will be delivered in the coming days. The softcopy of the registered rental agreement is also sent to the applicant. Pre-rent for the non-refundable period/down payment – B The first is mutual consent.

There should be a mutual understanding between a landlord and a tenant. If there is no mutual understanding between tenants and landlords, there could be no lease. You should choose one of the most appropriate contractual options based on your property. For example, if you want to occupy a residential property, you have to go with an 11-month agreement option. When setting up a registered rental agreement, don`t forget to increase the rent by at least 4%. Both parties, i.e. tenants and landlords, must comply with specific rules. Don`t forget to ask a legal expert for help. It is strongly recommended that both parties, a landlord and a tenant, keep a copy of the reciprocal tenancy agreement. If you don`t want to get involved in the hectic lease process, you need to seek professional help.

To do this, you must find a visit on a website with the right legal document. A legal document portal can help you obtain a registered lease in Mumbai. The question here is how to choose a true legal expert, given that there are many possibilities. If you are faced with such a situation, you should choose a legal document portal based on your specific document and budget needs.