Our collaboration with the public sector is recognized by our involvement in serious procurement frameworks, including the Crown Commercial Service (CSC). The choice of the right contractual terms is essential for government and government buyers in order to obtain the best value for money. As a strategic partner for reducing CO2 emissions, which provides the entire energy service, we cooperate with the public sector outside of these framework agreements and help local authorities, councils, hospitals and other public institutions achieve their low-carbon targets. Learn more. We are a well-established public sector energy service provider that covers the financing, supply and management of low-carbon facilities and energy-efficient solutions for vehicle loading, heat networks, production, metrology, data and other strategic services. To speak with one of our dedicated employees of our public sector energy services, contact us on 02920 893 882 or email publicsectorframeworks@sms-plc.com and we will contact you. Short-term conditions updates for goods and services Short-form conditions have been developed by the firm for general contracts for goods and services below the contracting thresholds of the 2015 Public Procurement Regulation. Take a look at our webinar series that explore a variety of topics the industry is currently facing. In addition to our status as a CCS supplier, our services are listed on other recognized public sector procurement platforms, including the following terms and conditions: Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA) A number of services ranging from simple energy assessment to the complex installation of production, heat and demand management assets, including a one-stop solution for the provision of end-to-end advice, design and project management. Like you, we strive to make a difference. Our social value services are designed to help you.

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