If you wish to terminate your lease, contact PA Housing only in small categories of personal data – which are relevant to the provision of housing services and to provide regulatory and legal revenue. If you could be a neighborhood champion, you`ll know more pahousing.co.uk/customers/your… twitter.com/Rosteampurple/. It is often the fastest and best to get a bigger property or one in an area you want. It can certainly be much faster than other relocation methods like looking for a transfer, because if you have a common lease and you want to leave your home, you have to tell us. You are still responsible for all rental conditions if your name appears on the agreement. We have data exchange agreements with a number of organizations (usually in the public sector) that sign a data exchange and use code. The organizations with which we can share data are: Phone: 0300 123 2221E-Mail: enquiries@pahousing.co.uk If you evacuate a house in the name of a deceased relative, we support you. Let us know and we`ll help you in the process. We need to calculate the rent while you still have the keys, so it is important to inform us as quickly as possible. It may be helpful to know that if your relative has received a housing benefit, the government will immediately stop the payment. Looking for a job in social housing? We`re always looking for new talent, so whether you`re starting your career or looking for a change, why not look at our current job opportunities and see what it`s like to work here? The information is usually kept for six years beyond the end of your lease. Certain periods are specified in our directive on the retention of documents and data.

If you have made changes to your personal data, for example.B. Your name, we need proof of this change, as for example.B. Your marriage or certificate certificate, as well as a copy of your new British photo ID card. This can be sent to enquiries@pahousing.co.uk. Most housing records are stored electronically with some on paper. We are required by law and are committed to keeping them confidential, accurate and secure at all times in accordance with data protection legislation. We offer housing in the Midlands, London and the South East and offer a range of housing solutions ranging from affordable rent and self-contained housing to municipalities and free sales for the poorest. We are sorry that you are having, but if you wish to terminate your lease, you should talk to us to discuss this, as we need a certain amount of information with you. You are able to change your budget as long as you are not overburdened under the terms of your lease, so make sure that this will be verified before applying If you wish to move from your current PA residence by terminating your lease, you must tell us first.

To remove a tenant from a joint tenancy agreement, we need a letter signed by both parties. These may be two separate letters as long as they coincide with the signatures on the tenancy agreement and confirm which tenant should be removed. The remaining tenant is then contacted to sign the corresponding documents. If you would like to add a family member to your home, please send a copy of your British ID card to enquiries@pahousing.co.uk if they are over the age of 18. If they are younger, please send us a copy of their birth certificate. They will be informed if they have been successfully included in the budget. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service, focus on the well-being of the people we serve and grow our neighbourhoods. To do this, we must keep records of you and the housing services we provide. If both tenants are happy to have a name removed from the agreement, we will sort out that paperwork.