After a long battle between Amazon and HBO`s owner, WarnerMedia, the two companies have agreed that Amazon Fire TV users will finally be able to broadcast HBO Max. The looming question of whether this means a deal with Roku, the other major streaming aggregator to which HBO Max is currently absent, will be announced shortly. WarnerMedia and Roku have often stated publicly that they want to work as fast as possible in a market, so that with Amazon and WarnerMedia, which are in business, I hope there won`t be much waiting time for Roku owners – and especially that Roku and Comcast developed a deal not so long ago to finally settle a similar dispute about NBC`s Peacock streaming service. Last month, WarnerMedia reported that HBO Max had grown to 28.7 million subscribers, but that few of those customers were “upset,” meaning they arrive by standalone subscriptions to the HBO Max app, as will be available on Amazon Fire TV. Instead, most customers came from wholesale agreements, that is, from a pay-TV provider. Only 3.6 million were considered direct customers. Amazon is known for having a pretty firm line in negotiations with programmers and broadcasters. It has agreed with Disney to run Disney just five days before the service`s launch last November. Starting Tuesday, the HBO app on Fire devices will be automatically updated to HBO Max, and users will be able to connect with existing HBO login information. Current HBO Max customers can access the app on their Fire devices with their existing credentials.

New customers can subscribe directly to the app for $14.99 per month. The company informs TechCrunch that as a result of the agreement, HBO content will continue to be available on Prime Video Channels with a subscription. Meanwhile, customers who have a subscription to HBO via Prime Video Channels now have access to HBO Max. HBO Max at no additional cost was launched in May and ended the third quarter with 8.6 million active users. If the service is available on Amazon devices, it can grow faster. “Customer acquisition is an original game, but the customer loyalty game is a library game,” said John Stankey, CEO of ATT. “Our library works incredibly well compared to our customers… but the pandemic has put us in a difficult position in the origins. We haven`t been able to finish much of the work we`ve done, and it`s this stream of originals that allows you to expand that customer base. We are well ahead of our initial plans, but we still know that we probably could have done much better if we had the right position. But it`s not just Covid-19. The company also suffered some brand confusion after the launch. It was also limited in availability since HBO Max was not available on amazon Fire TV or roku devices, two of the largest TV and streaming companies in terms of base area.