An articulation agreement is simply a formal agreement, written between two institutions, which allows certain programs or courses to be credited in one institution from one program to the other. Check out the courses to complete at Chaffey College before moving to the university you want. ASSIST is the final filing of agreements between Chaffey and CSU/UC schools. The agreements allow students to follow the necessary teaching at Chaffey University, without having to repeat it at their four-year university. Please click on the link below for some articulation chords. This should not replace an advisor. San Bernardino Valley College has articulation agreements with many independent universities in California and a-state. Articulation agreements define courses that are delivered in one institution and meet the requirements of another institution in terms of general preparation, general education and transfer. Please note that the transfer contract with SBVC`s Los Angeles Film School NUR ONE-WAY is valid. Click On Accreditation Agencies for more information.

By following the courses listed in the articulation agreements between SBVC and the university of choice for transfer, students can eliminate course proficiency, reduce the cost of teaching for higher education credits and obtain further training. After the courses on the list for your main subject at an independent/private university of your choice, students can graduate from that university without the need to repeat lower level courses in the main class. Articulation is the process of developing a formal agreement identifying courses on an “issuer” campus that are comparable or acceptable to a certain request for courses on a “receiving” institution. The success of an articulation course assures the student and the faculty that the student has taken the corresponding course, received the necessary instruction and preparation and is ready to take the next step. CALIFORNIA BAPTIST UNIVERSITY – ONLINE – PROFESSIONAL STUDIES It takes 2-8 weeks to process a transfer credit application. Transfer credits will not be activated until after registration and applications received after August 1 will not be guaranteed for registration processing in September. Do you have another question? Ask our recruiters. Are they from outside Canada? Check out our International Student Hub to get started.

Grand Canyon University Scholarships for SJVC/Student staff. If you are studying for an arts studies program (BACS), students should read the following information: . All transfer students must complete the transfer credit assessment form and pay the $52 fee. . CBU welcomes all students, past and present, with an interest in continuing education at the CBU. All external credit agreements are managed by the Registration Services Office, in consultation with the Dean and the relevant division. Any potential transfer student must first apply to the CBU.