D. The information provided by the Virginia Code in the following 38.2-6007 B is provided at the Viator at the Viator, no later than the day the viatic settlement contract is signed by all parties, by or on behalf of the Viatical Settlement Provider at Viator. This information may be summarized and provided in whole or in part in conjunction with the information described in Sub-Part C of this section. We also advise you to contact the viatic billing company you are dealing with and contact us. We will work with the settlement company to determine what issues should be considered in deciding whether they comply with government securities laws. B. With the exception of Subsection C 1 of this section, no disclosure form is forwarded by a licensee in accordance with this chapter to a Viator or viator proposed in that Commonwealth on July 1, 2003 or after July 1, 2003, unless the disclosure form has been submitted by the Commission and the viatic billing offerer has received approval from the Commission. The use of a disclosure form by a licensee in accordance with this chapter is prohibited, unless it is provided for in this section. 1. “Any person who knowingly made false statements in an insurance application or in a transaction contract by the insin may be guilty of a crime and be criminally prosecuted.” Yes, the Viatical Settlements Act was codified in 1995 (RCW 48.102) and gives the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate contracts in Washington between suppliers and suppliers. However, most provisions of the law protect the interests of the supplier and do not protect the investor. If the insured dies during the withdrawal period, the viatic settlement contract is deemed to be revoked subject to the repayment of all viatic settlement revenues, including commissions, bonuses, loans and loan interest paid on behalf of the Viator on the soluble product of the viatical supplier or viatical settlement purchaser.

Proceeds from a viatic plan can have a negative effect on your eligibility for Medicaid or other medical care, benefits or government rights. They should be advised by the relevant government authorities. The proceeds of an viatic settlement may be subject to creditors` claims. Make sure you understand the facts. You should ask your insurance company to consider all possible alternatives that your life insurance can offer instead of viatic billing, including all accelerated death benefits or insurance credits offered as part of your life insurance. In order to determine whether the viatic account is an appropriate investment for a given investor, the seller must take into account the age, financial situation and investment objectives of the investor concerned. 2. “Viatic settlement transactions between a viatical settlement agent or viatical settlement provider and a viatical settlement service provider and a viatic settlement service provider, who performs his duties as an advisor or insured, are subject to the regulation of the State Corporation Commission, which acts through the insurance office in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 60 (No. 38.2-6000 and following) of Title 38.2 of the Virginal Code. Anyone who, by the deeds of a person who violates this chapter, if you want the viatic billing agent to act exclusively for you, you and the viatic billing broker, you should execute a separate written agreement in which the viatic settlement broker (i) will disclose all its interests in the Viatical Settlement contract and its relationship with viatical Settlement.

, including the viatic billing provider`s affiliates and designated or contractual agents, and (ii) agrees that compensation for its services as a viatic settlement broker is paid directly and only by you.